The King of all Kings, Hugh Hefner, #1 on KING’S Kings List, was set to get married for the third time this Saturday to fiancé Crystal Harris.

Apparently they got in to a huge argument over the phone and Crystal decided she no longer wanted to get married and moved out of the Mansion.

Sources indicate that the bitch was cheating on Hef with Dr Phil’s son, Jordan.

Official reports say the reason she actually left was because she wasn’t happy with her weekly allowance and also felt she “couldn’t be married to Hef and have a successful music career”. Who even knew she sang?

As it stands, the wedding is off.

Ex-girlfriend Bridgett visited Hef to comfort him, but he didn’t seem too broken up about the whole thing. I guess when you are Hugh Hefner it is very easy to get over things like this.

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