Jay Z has his fashion label, Dre has his headphones, 50 Cent has his vitamin water, P Diddy has all of the above, and now Snoop Dogg is also jumping on the entrepreneurial bandwagon and will soon be launching his own range of snack foods including hot dogs and ice cream. He said,

“My Snoop Dogg hot dogs will be coming out soon. The foot-long Snoop Dogg hot dog, you hear me… The ice cream s**t is going to happen ASAP. Snoop’s Scoops.”

He has endorsed several products over the years and recently attached his voice to a satellite navigation system. Visit the TomTom link below and listen to the hilarious samples. He just has such a cool way of speaking.

Click Here to visit the TomTom/Snoop Dogg page

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  1. snoopermarket hahaha what a joker

  2. snoop doggyyyyyy doooooooog

    hahah foot long hot dogs that dirty bastard. lol

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