A little while ago, I assured you that Charlie Sheen’s new show will definitely be going ahead.

I now have some more details on what it’s actually going to be about. The MaSheen is reuniting with producer Joe Roth for his new show, ‘Anger Management’. Roth has worked with Charlie many times before and was also the producer of the Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler film of the same name.

It will be loosely based around the movie and Sheen will be playing the role of the therapist.

I’m not going to lie; first thoughts of the idea are a bit hmmm, but then again if Charlie Sheen is in it, then it has got to be awesome. As it is on cable, the show is allowed to be raunchier and sexier than ‘Men’. I can guarantee that it will be a hit.

Make sure you tune in. If the first 10 episodes are well received, then Lionsgate have said that they will sign on for an additional 90 episodes.

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