So a couple of weeks ago a sex tape shot in 1991 starring none other than the legend himself 2Pac was brought to the surface. There wasn’t much point talking about it because the chances are it will never be released. A few people made six figure offers for the rights but Pac’s family said that they would come down hard and strong on anyone who tried to release it. The tape was of Pac being “attended to” by a random female at a house party while he smoked a joint, had a drink, and rapped over one of his unreleased tracks.

This is where the story gets interesting. An anti-hangover drinks company called NOHO has reportedly offered to pay $1,000,000 not for the sex tape but for the rights of the unreleased song playing in the background. The size of the offer was large enough to get the attention of Pac’s estate because they are mow in negotiations and trying to work out a deal. Here is the crazy part; NOHO hasn’t seen the video or heard the track so they are just betting on the fact that it is a 2pac song so it must be great. Fair enough…but it gets crazier. Pac’s estate doesn’t have possession of the tape so even they don’t know which track it is. They have said however that if they can’t get a hold of the tape, they have other unreleased songs they are willing to sell.

This is pretty exciting stuff. We might get some new 2Pac music. He is without a doubt the best rapper to have ever walked the face of this earth…and that’s a fact. KING!

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