• janie

    Oooh I see she made your very strict sexiest women list and she deserves it she is very nice. love the pipe!!!!!!

  • holly v*

    “fuck you kanye” hahahahahaha lolz in my pantz that was so funny i totally agree king.

    awww she is so sweet and adorable

    Holly X

  • Steve

    Ha just read your comment Emma, very funny but true. Good one King. Are you from the UK? Glad to see someone representing! Love Bree so much.

  • Emma

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the interview. Part 3 is soooo funny. I love how you end the interview hahahaha.

    This is by far the best Bree Olson interview out there. She seems like a really nice girl and she is very pretty too. I love her laugh. you were also good in it king 🙂

    thank you! finally someone from the uk is interviewing the right people!!