Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute’s charity, The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN), is being sued by TD Bank for $250,000.

The bank claims that they lent the organisation $250k as a short-term loan, but only ever received $350 back.

What I want to know is, where did all that money go?

If it actually went directly towards helping women gain the confidence and skills necessary to reach their full individual potential, then the bank should just chill and write it off. If it was wasted on stupid executive expenses, then Mary should cover it out of her own pocket. Let’s see how charitable she really is.

This isn’t the only problem the foundation is facing though. Apparently it failed to file a federal tax return in 2010, and is also being sued by a bunch of musicians who performed at a 2011 fundraising gala, but were never paid.

Seems like she is having a little trouble managing this project. Might be time to let this one go.

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