Amir Khan Knocked OutThere is no other way to say this than… Khan got Knocked the Fu*k Out!

Amir Khan lost his titles to Danny Garcia last night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Khan started the fight well, clearly winning the first two rounds, but then Garcia came out swinging and knocked Amir to the ground at the end of the third. He just couldn’t recover after that, and the fight was stopped in round four.


He has blown every shot he has gotten to move up and fight the big names like Mayweather. Some are even saying that he should consider retiring.

Khan asked for a rematch, but Garcia’s camp said,

“If the fight went the distance and it was close then they maybe, but this was a clear win. If the roles were reversed, Khan wouldn’t offer us a rematch.”

True say. Is this the end for Khan?

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