Cloud Seeding used for London 2012 OlympicsIt is no coincidence that it rained in London non-stop for the last month or so and suddenly cleared up perfectly in time for the Olympics. Nope, no coincidence whatsoever. We have been seeded! They deny it, but it’s true. Just look outside.

There is a process called Cloud Seeding, which lets you modify and control the weather by dispersing certain substances into the air. This blew my mind. You can Wiki it for a more in depth description, but that’s pretty much it. Humans have done it. We have the power!

They do it all over the world too. Soviet military pilots seeded clouds after the Chernobyl disaster, The Chinese did it for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Arabs started seeding back in 2010 to create artificial rainstorms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and now London has done it too!

At first I was a little pissed off that it rained the whole of June, but the fact that we can control the weather is pretty cool. Seed away! God knows Africa could do with some rain.