Lindsay Lohan and Will.I.AmCATCH UP:

Last week Lindsay Lohan was at Sam Magid’s house in the Hollywood Hills when $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses mysteriously went missing.

Sam originally reported it as a theft to the LAPD, but has since recanted his story and now says that nothing was stolen.

That should have been the end of that, but eyewitnesses at the house told cops that LiLo and her assistant, Gavin Doyle, stole the goods.

If this crap goes on, Lindsay could end up in jail because she is still on probation for that whole Venice necklace BS.


Lindsay is obviously denying taking any of the items and says that she has been framed by… Suge Knight’s son, Andrew Knight. Hahaha! That Suge somehow ends up being connected to every crime that takes place in L.A.

The cops aren’t buying Lindsay’s story though and she remains the target of their investigation.

People need to just leave her alone and stop trying to fu*k her over. Why would she steal some shitty watches and sunglasses from one of her good friends? She made Millions this year.

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