Lil Wayne is no Elvis Presley Birdman, the co-founder of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB), had the audacity to say that Lil Wayne is in the same league as Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley?! He must have been on drugs when he said that.

The release of Game’s song ‘Celebration’, which Wayne features on alongside Chris Brown, Tyga, and Wiz Khalifa, earned him his 109th entry on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. That’s one more hit than Elvis’ previous record of 108.

I don’t care if Weezy gets 1000 songs on the Hot 100, you can’t even put his name in the same sentence as Elvis’… unless the sentence is ‘Lil Wayne is nowhere near as cool as Elvis’.

Even though he acted like a complete Cock in his recent court deposition, I’ve never had any personal beef with Lil Wayne. In fact, I liked him back in the day when he was in the Hot Boys with Juvenile, B.G., and Young Turk, but he can never ever be compared to the King!

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