Man of Steel was rubbishMan of Steel’ may have earned close to $200 Million at the box office in its opening weekend, but I still thought it was rubbish.

My biggest problem with it was that it wasn’t a ‘Superman’ film!

The suit was all wrong, the characters were miscast, there was no classic theme tune, no phone box changing scene, no Lex Luthor, no nothing!

If they were going to change everything, they should have just invented a new superhero rather than exploiting the Superman brand name.

I’d like my money back please.

  • benji

    yea, and no ice world in the movie. they wanted real,, ice worlds are real enough arnt they. they took away the majic of superman and made krypton look like something out of the john carter film. Never mind because man of steel is MAN OF STEEL But superman it never will be. krypton is a world of ice. Bring back director richard donner and scrap this shit now.