Julie Delpy Says The Oscars Are Run By A Bunch Of Corrupt 70-Year-Old White Men

Julie Delpy slams the OscarsOscar nominee Julie Delpy doesn’t give a toss about the awards, saying the voters are…

“90% white men over 70 who need money because they haven’t done anything in a long time. You just need to give them two or three presents and they’re in your pocket. It doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Hah! She’s up for Best Adapted Screenplay for ‘Before Midnight’ with Ethan Hawke, but I doubt she’s got a chance now.

I respect her for making a stand and fearlessly speaking out, but then she had to go and ruin it by saying,

“90% of movies made in Hollywood are crap.”

That, I don’t agree with. It pisses me off when pretentious foreign independent cinema watching arseholes look down on Hollywood. ‘The Dark Knight’ was phenomenal.

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