I Hate It When Celebrities Complain About The Paparazzi

KING Says: I hate it when celebrities complain about the paparazzi - King SaysCelebrities are always complaining about the paparazzi, and it really pisses me off.

They need to understand that being followed by photographers is a part of their job. Nobody forced them into it, it’s a life they chased. As payment for the inconvenience, they are rewarded with fame and fortune. We’re talking millions of frickin’ dollars!

Take reality TV stars for example, their whole gig is exposing their lives in exchange for fame, so how the hell can Kim Kardashian turn around and say that she doesn’t want to be photographed everywhere she goes? If she hates it so bloody much, then she should quit her show and declare herself out of the game.

I have slightly more sympathy for the true artists that are sharing their talent with the world, but not much. Stars always have the option of not being a part of the scene. If you don’t want to be snapped, don’t frequent and do stupid things at Hollywood hotspots. Move to Delaware. There are dozens of extremely talented actors and singers that are left alone because they don’t buy into the whole celebrity lifestyle.

Instead of attacking paparazzi, these Twitter celebs should be thanking them. It’s free publicity. The more famous they become, the more money they can make.

That’s why I love Queen Paris Hilton so much. She knew exactly what the score was and exploited the system to promote her brand.

Talking of Queens, let’s move on to Queen Kristen Bell. I love her too, but how can she tell her fans to boycott magazines that publish photos of celebrity kids when her celebrity peers are selling photos of their kids for hundreds of thousands of dollars? The Kardashians used North West to boost ratings. I understand where Queen Bell is coming from and agree that something needs to be done, but her current efforts are a little one sided. I’d be happy to work with her to come up with a more rounded solution.

In conclusion, celebrities need to stop whining, accept that being followed by a swarm of paps is a part of their job, be a little nicer towards them, and remember that they are just jesters here to entertain us.

I rule this one in favour of the paparazzi!