Jessica Alba: The Billion Dollar Businesswoman

Jessica Alba the billion dollar businesswoman - King Says 2015You probably know Jessica Alba for being one of the sexiest women alive, but did you know she has spent the last few years building up a billion dollar business? Yes, Billion!

In 2011, the actress/model set up her non-toxic/eco-friendly baby product business called The Honest Company, which is now HUGE.

That’s impressive.

She recently spoke at some Alibaba conference, saying,

“People usually thought of someone in my position as more of a spokesperson, someone that would sell beauty products. Most of my advisors in entertainment thought I should do a perfume or something like that. The reason why I went into business was really to create a safer and healthier world for my children and for all children. The rise of toxic chemicals in our everyday life has contributed to so many serious and chronic illnesses. I felt someone really needed to make better products that are safe, non-toxic, healthy, beautifully designed, affordable and easy to get.”


… And on top of all that she’s a mother of two. What have you done with your life?