Meet Future Country Superstar Cali Rodi

Meet future country superstar Cali Rodi - King Says 2015It baffles me that Cali Rodi isn’t already a superstar, but it really is just a matter of time. Trust me, this girl is bloody spectacular.

There are thousands of hopefuls trying to make it in Nashville, but I have no doubt that she has everything it takes to shine through. She’s the full package. She has the voice, the talent, the sound… and she’s drop dead gorgeous.

You must download her EP on iTunes. I haven’t been able to stop singing that ‘If I Close My Eyes’ song ever since, and I had her other future hit ‘Hitchhiker’ blaring from my car speaker as I drove past Buckingham Palace the other day, so am sure the Queen is a fan now too.

Oh, and you have to check out some of her covers on her YouTube page. Her version of Queen Taylor Swift’s ‘Wonderland might even be better than the original… And if you know me, you know it takes a lot for me to say that.

There are very few times I command you to navigate away from my site; this is one of those times. Go check out her Website, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and then come back here for more!

Cali Rodi. Remember that name, and remember that you heard it here first.