King Leonardo DiCaprio Donates Millions To Save The Planet

King Leonardo DiCaprio donates millions to save the planet - King Says 2015King Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation has announced that it will be donating $15 Million towards environmental causes.

The money will be awarded as grants to companies fighting climate change, mass extinction, environmental degradation, and all that crap.

It’s not my favourite type of charity, but that’s kind of his whole thing. It’s still fifteen million times better than blowing it on fast cars and fast women.

He released a statement, saying,

“The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore. We have a responsibility to innovate a future where the habitability of our planet does not come at the expense of those who inhabit it.”

“Habitability” is a fun word to say.

Good on you, DiCaprio. Well done!