Queen Taylor Swift And Queen Selena Gomez On One Stage

Queen Taylor Swift and Queen Selena Gomez on one stage - King Says 2015I don’t know why everyone’s talking about Queen Taylor Swift bringing out Lisa Kudrow to sing ‘Smelly Cat’, the most magical moment of her tour so far was when she brought out her BFF and fellow KING’S Queen, Queen Selena Gomez.

That’s just too much hotness for one stage. Like, seriously! Too much.

I’m officially recorded as the biggest Queen Swift fan out there, but even I am finding some of her “special” “surprise” guests a little weird. I’m down with Justin Timberlake and Sam Hunt, but what do Kobe Bryant and Matt LeBlanc have to do with the price of cheese? She should only bring out and duet with legendary musicians at only some of her shows. Only then will they count as special surprise guests.