The New Carl’s Jr TexMex Advert Is Just Too Bloody Hot

The new Carl's Jr TexMex advert is just too hot - King Says 2015Holy crap!

Have you seen the new Carl’s Jr. advert?

I didn’t think it could get any hotter than the one they did with Emily Ratajkowski and Sara Jean Underwood, but they have taken it to a whole new level with their ad for the TexMex burger.

This is without a doubt the best advert I have ever seen. I seriously can’t control my excitement.

Some people see politics with the whole border thing, but all I see is an all-blonde team Texas and an all-brunette team Mexico playing a game of all-hot beach volleyball in tiny bikini bottoms and low cut sports bras.

Obviously I’m Team Texas, but I don’t discriminate.

The advert is so bloody hot, I’m getting on the next flight to the US to get me some Carl’s Jr!

No need to imagine it, check out the advert below…

You’re welcome.