Justin Timberlake Is Doing A Country Album

Justin Timberlake is doing a country album - King Says 2015Justin Timberlake‘s next album will be full on country!

The soulful pop star has been thinking about doing one for a long time and feels like now is the perfect time.

Producer Timbaland revealed,

“We are country. He’s from Tennessee and I’m from Virginia. We were raised in the country. I gotta tap into country. I’m already posted up in Nashville. I don’t discriminate against any genres. I love it all.”

He should discriminate because country music is clearly the best music.

JT recently bought a house just outside of Nashville and has been talking a lot about going back to his roots. Also, he absolutely killed his performance with Chris Stapleton at the CMAs a couple of weeks ago, so it all makes sense.

I’m pretty excited to hear what he comes up with.

We might have lost Queen Taylor Swift to pop, but it looks like we’ve gained JT to country.