Jason Derulo Goin’ Country… Again!

Jason Derulo going country - King Says 2017Jason Derulo is officially goin’ country… Well, temporarily at least.

We know and love him for those stupid R&B songs he does with his name at the beginning, and of course, the hilarious collaborations he did with King Luke Bryan, but apparently he is currently working on a top-secret country project. He said,

“I’m doing a country project. I can’t state exactly what it is yet. I’m excited about it because I love country music. I just won my first country award and I got the buzz. Man, I got the buzz, so I’m doing a bigger project with me and another country act.”

Ooooh! Who could it be? Is it going to be King LB again? Florida Georgia Line perhaps?

The novelty of it was funny, but I think the joke is kinda over now. I hope he’s not taking this too seriously.