Brett Eldredge Announces Next Single ‘The Long Way’

Brett Eldredge announces next single - King Says 2017Been listening to Brett Eldredge’s new self-titled album non-stop all weekend, and am super excited to report that he has announced that ‘The Long Way’ will officially be his next single because it’s one of my favourites. He said,

“[It] is a look into what I want to find in love. It’s about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface; getting to know somebody deep down to their core. It’s more than just taking the long way around their town; it’s through their imagination. It’s them telling you everything about where they came from. You want to know every single detail. Where they wrecked their bike the first time, where their parents fell in love, the lot where the car they drove in high school is sitting. I think this song says don’t be afraid to have that conversation, don’t be afraid to get to know that person.”

Wow! I mean, that alone could sell the song.

It’s a really good live song too, if that makes any sense. He’ll be performing it on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ tonight, so make sure you tune in for that too!