King Luke Bryan Announces ‘What Makes You Country’ Album Release Date

King Luke Bryan What Makes You Country - King Says 2017Finally, some good news…

King Luke Bryan has announced that his new album ‘What Makes You Country’ will be released on the eighth day of December!

Just in time for Christmas! He said,

“My favourite part of making a new album is getting to collaborate with the songwriting community in this town. It is important to me to continue to push myself to grow on all levels and I feel like we did that on this project. Making and performing music never gets old and I can honestly say I am having the time of my life. I will be forever grateful to every fan who sings along each night.”

That’s me.

This will be his sixth studio album, and just like the last few, will shoot to the No. 1 spot!

I know what makes me country, what makes you country?