Queen Carrie Underwood Releasing Storyteller Tour Film

Queen Carrie Underwood to release Storyteller Tour film - King Says 2017Queen Carrie Underwood has announced that her Storyteller Tour is being turned into a feature-length docu-film.

The film will include exclusive footage from her sold-out show at Madison Square Garden last year, along with a bunch of interviews and behind the scenes stuff. She said,

“We had the best time on the Storyteller Tour performing for the fans last year. The amazing production and 360-degree stage let me get closer to them than ever before. I saw so many of their social media posts asking for a release of the show and we knew we had to do it. I’m so happy to get this out and relive the most fun I’ve ever had on tour!”

I’m so excited to live it for the first time in my living room!

Stories in the Round’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and a few other digital online platforms on the seventeenth day of November.

Can’t wait!