Kelly Clarkson Freeks Out When She Sees Meryl Strrp At The Golden Globes [VIDEO]

Kelly Clarkson absolutely flipped out when she saw Meryl Streep on the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globes.

It was hilarious and adorable and sweet and probably one of the highlights of the night.

She was just finishing off an interview with Ryan Seacrest when she let out a sharp scream. Ryan thought she was falling so went to hold her up, but it was because she saw her childhood idol in the corner of her eye. She cried,

“Oh my God can I meet you? I’m such a fan! I love everyone, I’ve just adored you since I was like eight.”

Meryl, of course, was more than happy to meet her and they had a little chat.

Who would you totally fangirl over?

King Blake Shelton, King Luke Bryan, Queen Reese Witherspoon, and King Kiefer Sutherland for me.