Queen Carrie Underwood Releases ‘The Champion’ [LISTEN]

Queen Carrie Underwood has finally released her new song, ‘The Champion,’ and surprise, rapper Ludacris is on it!

If I had a gym playlist, this song would definitely be on it. It gets you so pumped up and her super powerful voice really is perfect for it. She says,

“When we were writing ‘The Champion,’ our main focus was to celebrate athletes at the top of their game, but we also wanted the song to resonate with people in their everyday lives. We hope the lyrics will inspire people to push themselves beyond their limits to conquer anything they are trying to accomplish or overcome. There’s a champion in every single one of us.”

Woo! Kinda makes me want to rejoin the gym!

She will release the video to open Super Bowl LII on February 4th. Can’t wait!