‘Parked Out By The Lake’

Dustin Christensen, who was a contestant on season 9 of ‘The Voice,’ recorded a parody country song called ‘Parked Out By The Lake,’ initially as an inside joke, but it’s actually doing pretty well on the country charts.

The song is basically him singing the line, “I’m parked out by the lake, 80 miles from Santa Fe,” over and over again. He explained,

“A buddy of mine and I we goof around a lot in the studio when we’re making records. We always had this thing that you could just take the first line of any song and try to re-sing it in as many different ways as possible for the whole song and we would just do it on the fly. After I was making the record, I would go in the vocal booth and just sing one take down of whatever came out of my mouth and then we would just sing three part harmony to it and that’s what happened. I didn’t think anybody would even think it was funny, it was just funny when we were in the studio.”

Haha! The funny thing is that this could be his first major hit.