KING’S Angels

Women worthy of being KING’S Queen.

The prefix title of King/Queen is used when referring to those on the KING’S Kings or KING’S Queens list.

KING’S Kings and KING’S Queens are also presented with a personally engraved gold crown.

A KING’S Honour is the highest rank of recognition an individual can receive.

Without any external influence, The Fount of Honour (The KING) selects only those who are truly worthy. There is no fixed category or period, so unlike the Oscars, Grammy’s etc, if there isn’t an outstanding candidate, an award will not be presented. This makes it the most exclusive merit in the industry

  • gullian

    Finally a list with taste..mostly. better than fhm not worried about who is popular at the moment only who is actually sexy. good list nice to see a site which doesnt care about other factors.

    • Amanda H

      yeah totally agree not like fhm etc who choose girls that are popular or frieds of the magazine. no bullshit list ere. true choice. good.


    Gia Lee

  • Scott

    Agreed. But add some more. and take Lindsay Lohan off.

  • jaysia

    I’m sorry to say but any top 20 list with lindsay lohan & Paris Hilton is wack !!! Where’s all the caramel ladies at ?

  • marcus

    Finally Bree Olson made the list. She is “fit” ;P

  • Django

    Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon? I see the King likes his chicks frumpay! Where’s Amanda Seyfried???

    • King

      Hahaha Frumpay!

      Reese Witherspoon is our all time country girl. Got to love Reese.

      As for Kirsten, I think she will be replaced pretty soon but not by Amanda Seyfried lol.

      Stay tuned…


      • Trisha

        To think, I was confused a muinte ago.

    • Keyon

      What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for psoitng!

  • Steven Bryce

    very good list indeed although im not sure about kristen and kirsten love paris and cheryl cole and genevieve morton. genieve morton is super hot not as popular as the other girls on your list which is so surprising that she is so high up and that is so good that you put her up there because she deserves it. you must have really good taste as i think it is pretty much on the money here. good job king.

  • Bazza Paul

    Saw alice eve in entourage nd she waz lookn seXy gud 2 c she made da kings list. u need to get kim k on it though still

  • Candy

    Wohooooo! back on top 😉 X

  • Candy

    Number 2 🙁 bumped down by…?!?!?!?

  • Dizzle

    Her personality is a good as her looks too

  • Mark

    new number 1?? Where is Genevieve Morton gone? Who is Charlotte Hands?????


  • Jay

    Don’t care who she is. She is hotttt!!!!!!

    • Mus

      Paris is HOT!!!!!

  • Jessica Star

    Who is Charlotte Hands? Tried Googling her but couldn’t find out much about her

    • King

      She is KING’S No. 1


  • Jenny Pallmateri

    Good picks. I see you like your blondes

    • Cheyenne

      I might be baeitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!