Queen Taylor Swift And Queen Selena Gomez On One Stage

Queen Taylor Swift and Queen Selena Gomez on one stage - King Says 2015I don’t know why everyone’s talking about Queen Taylor Swift bringing out Lisa Kudrow to sing ‘Smelly Cat’, the most magical moment of her tour so far was when she brought out her BFF and fellow KING’S Queen, Queen Selena Gomez.

That’s just too much hotness for one stage. Like, seriously! Too much.

I’m officially recorded as the biggest Queen Swift fan out there, but even I am finding some of her “special” “surprise” guests a little weird. I’m down with Justin Timberlake and Sam Hunt, but what do Kobe Bryant and Matt LeBlanc have to do with the price of cheese? She should only bring out and duet with legendary musicians at only some of her shows. Only then will they count as special surprise guests.

Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence To Play Sisters In New Comedy

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence to play sisters in new comedy - King Says 2015Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence will play sisters in a new comedy they’re writing together.


Lawrence revealed,

“Amy and I were creatively made for each other. We have different flavours. It’s been the most fun experience of my life. We start the day off on the phone, laughing, and then we send each other pages, and we crack up. I’m flying out tomorrow to see her in Chicago.”

It’s cute how in love they are with each other.

Amy’s sister Kim, who co-wrote her latest film ‘Trainwreck’, has also been helping out on this project. No word on the title yet, but they have about 100 pages ready to go, so they’re almost done.

Jennifer Lopez Sizzles On The Set Of Her New Music Video

Jennifer Lopez sexy on set of new music video - King Says 2015Jennifer Lopez looked super sexy on the set of her new music video for ‘El Mismo Sol’.

The duet with Spanish singer Álvaro Soler has been killing it here in Europe all summer, and I’m sure that this hot new video of her straddling a horse on a merry-go-round in her underwear, will make it a hit in the U.S. too.

She filmed at Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood on Monday night with a little help from her on-again boyfriend Casper Smart. Told you they were back together.

Queen Taylor Swift Teases ‘Wildest Dreams’ Music Video

Queen Taylor Swift teases Wildest Dreams music video - King Says 2015Queen Taylor Swift teased us with a 15-second clip of her next music video, ‘Wildest Dreams’.

I really really hope it’s better than the last two she’s put out. I mean, ‘Shake it Off’ was iconic, ‘Blank Space’ was one of the best ever made, but ‘Style’ got a bit boring, and I was expecting a lot more from ‘Bad Blood’. It wasn’t horrible, but with all those stars and all that hype, it could have been a lot better.

From what we can see though, the #WildestDreamsMusicVideo looks pretty cool.

The full version will premiere at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, but you can check out the teaser below…

One Direction Split

One Direction split - King Says 2015One Direction is finally calling it quits.

The shittiest, but somehow one of the most famous, boy-bands in history has announced that they will very soon be taking a break, so that they can all go off in their own directions. Do you get the pun? Do you get it? The pun.

Being the pussies that they are, they’re calling at an “extended hiatus”, which basically means that they are breaking up, but keeping the option to reunite in case their solo career plans flop.

I’m surprised they lasted this long. Zayn Malik was smart for leaving first.

Heidi Montag Recreates Famous Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo

Heidi Montag Kim Kardashian bikini photo - King Says 2015Kim Kardashian bikini phot - King Says 2015Heidi Montag recreated one of Kim Kardashian’s most famous bikini photos… and in my opinion, did a much better job.

She posed for a series of sexy pics in honour of husband Spencer Pratt’s 32nd birthday.

Lucky guy.

Contrary to popular belief, Heidi is much much hotter than Kim. Trust me, I’ve met them both, and I can confirm that Kim is indeed a hobbit.

Question is…

Who Would You Rather?

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