Noel Gallagher Disses Queen Taylor Swift

Noel Gallagher disses Queen Taylor Swift - King Says 2015In a recent interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Noel Gallagher dissed my beautiful Queen Taylor Swift.

Big mistake. How dare he? First Michael Jackson and now Queen Taylor. Where does he get off?

He started by calling modern music “fu*king awful bland nonsense”. When the interviewer challenged this by reminding him that millions of people thought Taylor Swift was a talented singer/songwriter, he squeaked,

“Who says that? Her parents? Who’s ‘people’? Name these people. You’re fucking lying… no one has ever said those words, and you fu*king know it.”

I’m one of those people and say those words every day, you fu*king twat. Told you he was a twat.

He’s got such a punchable face… And that’s why he’s on KING’S Hit List.

Queen Taylor Swift Will Be Godmother To Jaime King’s Baby

Queen Taylor Swift to be Godmother to Jamie King's birthday - King Says 2015Hot actress Jaime King has chosen BFF Queen Taylor Swift to be godmother to her and husband Kyle Newman’s second child.

Queen Swift shared the joyous news on Instagram, captioning the the adorable photo above…

“Guess who just got named Godmother of this little one….. (ME) @jaime_king @kyle_newman”

That kid is going to have the coolest, and hottest, godmother ever.

Future godmother to Jaime King’s child would be even better news.

Shia LaBeouf Has A Rattail

Shia LaBeouf rattail - King Says 2015Just when you thought Shia LaDouche couldn’t look any more like a rodent, he went ahead and got a rattail.

Very few people on this earth can pull off that hairdo, and he is definitely not one of them.

He looks like a right pillock.

Somebody’s desperate for attention.

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Joining #RichKids of Beverly Hills

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff joining Rich Kids of Beverly Hills - King Says 2015

David Hasselhoff’s hot 24-year-old daughter, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, has been cast in season 3 of the reality series, ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’.

E! is yet to confirm that there even will be a third season, but I heard that Taylor and her co-stars have already started filming down in the Bahamas.

Nice. Might actually need to start watching it again.

Follow her on Twitter @tayhoff.

I really hope The Hoff makes an appearance too.

Company Behind #TheDress Confirms It’s Blue And Black

The Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black - King Says 2015Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24-hours, chances are you’ve heard about #TheDress. Is it White and Gold, or is it Blue and Black?

Who knows?

Well, the dressmaker, Roman Originals, has officially confirmed it’s… Blue and Black!

So basically, Queen Taylor Swift was right and Kim Kardashian was wrong. Sounds about right.

One thing’s for sure though, the company has made bank! Sales are up 400%, and they are now planning on making a White and Gold one too… just to add to the confusion. Fantastic marketing stunt!

Ed Sheeran Got Pissed After The Brits

Ed Sheeran gets drunk after Brit Awards - King Says 2015Ed Sheeran went out on the piss after winning Album of the Year at the BRIT Awards last night.

Shit, if I won Album of the Year, you wouldn’t see me for a week.

He started off at an after party at Freemasons’ Hall and then hit up The Box in Soho with Sam Smith.

One of my friends at the club said Sheeran was absolutely shitfaced, rat-arsed, drunk as a motherfu*ker by the time he left. He was out past six in the morning, in the mornin’, six in the mornin’.

Good man.

I tried, but I just couldn’t resist. I have to mention how fu*king painfully hot Queen Taylor Swift looked on the red carpet. She rocked a black Roberto Cavalli Atelier dress wrapped with a glittery red dragon. Lucky dragon bastard. I will never get tired of her hotness.

Queen Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards - King Says 2015