Queen Taylor Swift’s Social Media Hacked

Queen Taylor Swift hacked - King Says 2015Queen Taylor Swift’s social media accounts were taken over by pro-hackers this morning.

The hackers, who are affiliated with the infamous Lizard Squad, fake posted on her Twitter and Instagram and then threatened to release nude photos of her.

I’m going to show these bastards some respect, because I don’t want them taking over all my accounts, but they should have picked on someone else.

My Queen responded in the best way though, tweeting,

Yeah, she’s saving those for me… in my dreams.

Chris Pratt To Play Indiana Jones

Chris Pratt to play Indiana Jones - King Says 2015Disney is listening to the fans and is now seriously considering Chris Pratt for their reboot of the Indiana Jones franchise.

I’m usually very sensitive when it comes to recasting iconic characters, but I think this one might actually work.

We are still a while away from any decisions being made, but I thought I’d give you a heads up.

Zach Galifianakis Unrecognisable At 2015 SAG Awards

Zach Galifianakis unrecognisable at SAG Awards - King Says 2015Holy crap! Zach Galifianakis was completely unrecognisable at the 2015 SAG Awards earlier tonight.

The cast of ‘Birdman’ was nominated for, and won, Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

He should win an award for his weight loss… a lot of which I’m sure was in his signature beard.

Can’t get over the fact how different he looks.

Queen Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service With Hot Photo

Queen Lindsay Lohan hot photo community service - King Says 2015Queen Lindsay Lohan might be in trouble for not completing her community service, but I say we count this hot photo she shared on Instagram as a HUGE contribution.

Her main defence in court next week will be that she contracted chikungunya virus, but her caption almost mocks that…

“#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya (kissy face emoji) hehe”

Hope this doesn’t hurt her case. I mean, if I were the judge…

Queen Selena Gomez “Dating” Zedd

Queen Selena Gomez dating Zedd - King Says 2015It is with great heartache I report that Queen Selena Gomez went out on another date with Zedd.

He flew all the way out to Atlanta, where she is shooting a film, to take her out for dinner. Sources at Benihana earlier this evening say that the two were cuddling and kissing all night.

Who is this Zedd fella anyway?

I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I think I preferred it when she was with Justin Bieber… I mean, if it’s not with me.

Meet ‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl - King Says 2015Melissa Benoist has been cast as Supergirl in the upcoming CBS drama.

I had no idea who she was either, so I had to IMDB her… To be honest, I still don’t really know. Apparently she is/was on that ‘Glee’ show, and is in the new Oscar nominated movie, ‘Whiplash’.

Benoist will play Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin from the planet Krypton. The show is all about her learning to use her powers for good bla bla bla.

I’m guessing if you liked ‘Smallville’, you’ll like this too.

She’s quite cute, so I’ll probably check it out. I doubt it’s going to be my next favourite show, but I think this Melissa girl is going places. Keep an eye out for her.