EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid Dating Lewis Hamilton

Gigi Hadid dating Lewis Hamilton - King Says 2015Gigi Hadid has been spending a lot of time with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton recently.

They were spotted hanging out during Cannes Film Festival last week and again yesterday at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The supermodel might have been there WITH Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and sister Bella Hadid, but it was clear that she was there FOR a Ham sandwich.

One of my friends out there saw them getting pretty close after the race and reports that they were openly flirting.

Even if nothing has happened yet, I’m sure they are both trying. Why not?

Check Out The Trailer For The New Johnny Depp Film ‘Black Mass’

Warner Bros. just released the first trailer for the new Johnny Depp flick, ‘Black Mass(above), and it actually looks pretty cool.

In the film, which hits cinemas on the eighteenth day of September, Depp’s character tells his 6-year-old son, “If nobody sees it, it didn’t happen”. So, ‘The Lone Ranger’ didn’t happen then?


Judging by his recent endeavours, I will love it, but it will absolutely flop at the box office. What do you think?

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Will NOT Be Returning For ‘Fuller House’

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be returning for Fuller House - King Says 2015Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will NOT be reprising their roles in Netflix’s ‘Full House’ reboot, ‘Fuller House’.

Oh no! How can they have a Tanner family reunion without them? The show made them, and they made the show.

John Stamos was pretty “#Hearbroken” when he found out, tweeting,

Stamos, Bob Saget and the rest of the gang have signed on for the first 13-episode season, which will air in 2016.

Kendall Jenner Hangs Out With Rob Kardashian’s Ex Rita Ora In Cannes

Kendall Jenner poses with Rita Ora in Cannes - King Says 2015Kendall Jenner posed for a picture with Rita Ora at the 2015 amfAR gala in Cannes last night.


If you’re like, “so what?” let me remind you that KJ’s older brother Rob Kardashian publically called out the British singer for cheating on him with “20 dudes” on Twitter back in 2012.

The Kardashians have always tried to keep their distance, but it seems Kendall is cool with her. I wonder how Rob feels about this. #Betrayed

Queen Reese Witherspoon Is Tinker Bell

Queen Reese Witherspoon to star as Tinker Bell in Tink - King Says 2015Queen Reese Witherspoon, the greatest actress of them all, will star as Tinker Bell in a live-action ‘Peter Pan’ movie called ‘Tink’.

Doesn’t “tink” sound like English street slang? “That’s tink, man”.

Anyway… Queen Reese will also be a producer on the flick.

I don’t think I like this Disney trend of turning classic cartoons into live-action films.

Emily Ratajkowski Poses For Sports Illustrated

Emily Ratajkowski Sports Illustrated - King Says 2015Emily Ratajkowski, yes that girl from the ‘Blurred Lines’ music video, posed in a sexy photo shoot for Sports Illustrated.

The photos are part of that “Yu (Tsai) and Me” thing they’ve been doing. I don’t know, I think Yu Tsai is some famous fashion photographer or something. To be honest, it’s really not that difficult to take a good photo with her standing in front of the camera. I don’t think black and white photos are that sexy though. I much prefer the sunny glossy porn photos.