Queen Carrie Underwood Switches To Capitol Records Nashville

Queen Carrie Underwood switches to Capitol Records Nashville - King Says 2017Queen Carrie Underwood has switched record labels from Sony Music to Capitol Records Nashville, which is a part of the massive Universal Music Group.

She’s had a phenomenal career with Sony since winning American Idol back in 2005, so not sure why she’s decided to swap teams all of a sudden.

I doubt it’s going to make much difference, but if we’re lucky, this could mean a shorter break, new music in 2017, and more exciting collaborations.

Not Loving Maren Morris’ New Short Hairdo

Maren Morris debuts new short hair - King Says 2017Maren Morris just chopped off her long silky locks for a new, bold, perfect-for-spring look.

I don’t like it. I know that’s horrible to say… Love her music, but I’ve never truly been a fan of her “sassy style,” and this just makes it even sassier.

Her boyfriend Ryan Hurd absolutely loves it, which I guess is more important than what I think, but now he has longer hair than her.


Queen Carrie Underwood Celebrates 100th Opry Performance

Queen Carrie Underwood celebrates 100th Opry performance - King Says 2017Queen Carrie Underwood celebrated her 100th performance at the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend with four sold-out shows.

Wow! How has it already been so many?

Country Music Hall of Famer Connie Smith presented Queen Carrie with a special commemorative print marking her spectacular achievement. She said,

“I grew up dreaming of one day performing here and maybe even becoming a member. That dream comes true over and over each time I take the Opry stage. Here’s to the next 100.”

Indeed, to the next 100!

Happy Birthday Kenny Chesney

Happy Birthday Kenny Chesney - King Says 2017We’d like to wish Kenny Chesney a very Happy 49th Birthday!

In honour and celebration of his great life and career, we play one of my all-time favourite songs of his…

And then because he’s so awesome, we play another…

Almost 25 years into his career, and he’s still killin’ it.

Happy Birthday, Kenny!

King Luke Bryan And Jason Aldean To Headline Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam

King Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean to headline Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam - King Says 2017King Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean will headline the 5th Annual Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam.

More acts are yet to be announced, but truly, they had me at King Luke and Mr Aldean.

The festival is set for Labor Day weekend at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach, Florida.

It’s gonna be a blast!

Thomas Rhett’s New Single ‘Craving You’ Will Feature Maren Morris

Thomas Rhett's new song Craving You will feature Maren Morris - King Says 2017Thomas Rhett has just announced that his much-anticipated new single, ‘Craving You,’ will feature guest vocals from Maren Morris.

Wow, wasn’t expecting that for some reason, but makes the release almost double as exciting. Rhett said,

“There’s a lot of females that are killing it right now, and Maren is definitely one of those girls whose voice is undeniably powerful and soulful, and on top of that, just a really sweet person to work with.”

The song, which will be the first single from his forthcoming third studio album, will be released on the last day of March. Can’t wait to play it on ‘The King Says Country Show’ for y’all!

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