A few weeks ago, some dude came forward claiming that he knew who was involved in the murders of rappers 2pac and Biggie. Now another guy, Clayton Hill, has come forward and admitted that he was an accessory to the murder of The Notorious B.I.G and that he knows who carried out the hit. Hill is a former member of The Nation of Islam and is soon releasing his e-book ‘Diary of an Ex-Terrorist’.

Hill names Dawoud Muhammad as the man who was responsible for shooting and killing B.I.G in Los Angeles over 14 years ago. Hill claims he was under orders from a “higher-up” at Muhammad Mosque #15 in Atlanta to collect the firearm used to murder Christopher Wallace.

The investigation has now been ‘re-invigorated” by new evidence coming in. It was originally theorized that Amir Muhammad was working for Death Row Records and was under orders from Suge Knight to kill Biggie.

When shown a picture of Amir Muhammad, Hill said that the man in the photo was the man who called himself Dawoud Muhammad. If this is the case, the finger points back to Death Row CEO, Suge Knight.

Poor Suge can’t catch a break. Every time the spotlight begins to fade on him, something new comes up to bite him in the ass. Leave Suge alone!

The 2pac and Biggie murders will never ever be solved and new conspiracy theories will pop up every now and then.