THE LOTTERY IS FIXED. It Is A Fraud. It Is The Biggest Cover Up Of All Time, But We Still Buy A Ticket

LotterySurprise surprise, the Euromillions Jackpot has rolled over yet again. The top prize will remain at £166m and the rest of the money will now trickle down to the lower category of matches. There are probably hundreds of conspiracy theories out there, but think about it logically for one second. Who would give £166m to a random person? The answer is… no one.

People do fraud for hundreds of pounds, so what makes you think that the National Lottery’s millions is so clean? Is it that there is some sort of government control over it? Is that seriously your strongest argument? The government? Are they the most trustworthy people on this planet?

It’s all mafia run. What makes you think that the person who controls it would give that much money away to a stranger rather then a friend or family member?

I hear you saying “they make enough money anyway, so they don’t need the £166m.” Listen to yourself, you are sounding stupid. Even Bill Gates would like an extra £166m if it were right there in front of him. We are talking millions here.

Here’s how it really goes down. Just before the draw is about to take place, they see which combinations have not been bought, and then draw those numbers. It is all computerised so this is a very quick and easy process.

Now you are saying, “it’s televised with an independent judicator“. If they can make rockets and send people to the moon, or make films about giant blue aliens running around, I am sure they can fix a small ball-picking machine.

It has to be fixed. They could come out and say John Smith from Town X won it and people will believe them. When there is that much money involved, even the straightest people go crooked.

Think of it as a poor people’s tax. Now I’m not saying every draw (which is now every day) is fixed. Occasionally they will do it fairly. These are the times you hear your friend’s friend’s friend won. When it is fixed you can still win the lower prizes, but never the jackpot.

Have no doubt that they have the ability and the interest to control who wins what and when. “It could be you”. I’ll believe that when it is me. It is the biggest cover up of all time.

Plus, why is it that you only have to be 16 to play the lottery, but you have to be over 18 to even place a 10p bet in a bookie or casino. Is it because the money goes to the government so it’s OK? Is the lottery not gambling?

I could go on for days trying to convince you and give you all the reasons why it is fixed, but I shouldn’t have to. You should be smart enough to use your own brain. It’s not only the National Lottery organisation, it’s every major Lottery in the world.

Having said all that, I will still buy a ticket for tonight’s draw just in case. Got to be in it to win it!

110 Comments on "THE LOTTERY IS FIXED. It Is A Fraud. It Is The Biggest Cover Up Of All Time, But We Still Buy A Ticket"

  1. The numbers are not random at all

  2. I have found a secret algorithm to the lottery so it is fixed

  3. Wayne Barratt | December 20, 2017 at 4:04 pm |

    Euro lotto is shared by 9 countries the odds of winning are 116million to 1. How many people over the age of 16 in 9 countries ? and no-one gets the combination ? 2/1 it’s won this Friday + think of what the televised draws make. Total SCAM

  4. “Mr. King”, Is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT….”IF WE CAN SEND A MAN TO MOON..”etc., IN Other words, I’ve personally played Nat. Lotteries, (Mega Millions, etc.) over 20+ years.Won zero. 3M , or GE, or ? HAS TO HAVE, (or another coating Co.) –A Magnetized, clear poly-atomized,( molecularly programmable), VERY,Very secret ball identifier. HAS TO. That # of people, Few wins. Has to be a fact. The science behind FBI super computing- NOT allowing certain wins, as well, political= $. Govmnts. won’t ALLOW a person a 400m win, if they can now buy congressmen.. See; electro- molecular proccessors, electronics size of an atom.

  5. Yes! This is a hard truth that euro million or any national lottery is fixed/scam.its easy for them to do this,,the show a drum of balls with numbers on them,they choose numbers and set the balls to come out of the machine to announce the result,
    1) particular balls are set with magnets inside ,so one by one machine is pulling outside,
    2)there must be a number scanner inside machine,so when particular number maches,that ball comes out
    This is what it could be,and its 100% that lotteries are fixed,,we(public) not going to win,,government is a part of it who is taking commissions,,fuck them all,bastars who taking innocent people money..

  6. Scam lottery

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    • Michael Storey | September 29, 2017 at 4:56 am |

      Yes I agree the lottery is easily fixed by those in control, I still play but not on line any more, any computerised gambling wont give you the slightest chance of winning.
      Buying my ticket from the shop does give me some anonymity but the controllers will still have computerised info of where the ticket was sold and of course so easy to select the combinations that have not been chosen meaning more roll overs and probably more tickets sold. Actually selecting those numbers (the draw) that no one has picked involves a little technical detail but with todays micro electronics magnetising the inside of a ping pong ball should be fairly straightforward and an equally strong magnet in the central stem should make choosing those rollover numbers easy as pie.


  9. I Played All The Numbers Except One Just To Exsperiment and the 1 number that i didnt pick came out every draw at the last minuts they stop you from playing for about 20 then they have a computer that generateds the numbers to see the numbers thats we all played less if only 3 people in the sate played 336 they make 336 come out they pocket the rest of the money 3 times in a row i played all the numbers except one and that one number BOOM… so Yes its all fake

  10. Having worked for the ‘Lottery’ in the IT department I can confirm that this has been rigged from its inception. Notwithstanding, when complaints of ‘fix’ become too much to accept, the brakes are released and we find ordinary people start winning. As soon as the ‘fix’ headlines die down, the brakes go back on.
    Any kid with a good average in Maths and a high-average in Computer Programming can show you how it is pre-programmed.

  11. I always had a feeling it was fixed. I believe it bc the government and state where sold wants more money…it is funny how it grows and grows before someone wins. Although it could be that more play as it grows. That being said is the reason they let it get bigger. More play more money to state and gov. It is gambling to them. Vegas did not get the way it is giving money away, it’s mob controlled too. How many years and how much money the gov has made off mostly poor people playing. Wow. We are nieve.

    • Yes I have always suspected the lottery to be fixed especially with so many roll overs that tend to follow a pattern. Ive know rollovers to continue six weeks in row. How strange is that?

  12. Trevor Fowler | June 16, 2016 at 2:41 am |

    Everything is rigged and a scam hoax.
    We have fake food – GMO’s, plastic and aluminum packaging (make you ill = money)
    Fake doctors – give you pills with even worse side effects to (keep you ill = money)
    Fake education – all conditioning to make you a ignorant slave to the system, by not teaching you the truth about where you live and why you are here (the people at the top know but the teachers don’t even know).
    Fake vaccines – ALL contain mercury and formaldehyde, endocrine disrupters, carcinogens etc..
    Fake weather – started approx 1950’s, getting worse now all geoengineering, recent floods in Europe all planned, (order out of chaos). All clouds are now made of chemicals, metal nano particles and manipulated with frequencies (HAARP).
    Fake celebs and pop stars – all sold their souls to the devil for fame and money, then used as a tool to program the public to mimic their evil ways, to inadvertently worship satan.
    Fake water – our water contains chemicals, endocrine disrupters (keep you ill, dumbed down = money)
    Fake Wars on terror – all wars are blood sacrifice of common man, all terror attacks are funded and organised by the Governments.
    Fake space programs – all another way of taxing the public, all they show is CGI and pictures and films.
    Fake News – all mostly fake and mind control propaganda, using paid crisis actors (Sandy Hook and others).
    Fake choice – all politics is a sham where you have a illusion of choice between a handful of ‘puppets’. All world leaders are complicit in this theater.
    For example, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they are both (all in fact), satan worshipers and members of secret societies. Even their bloodline shows they are related.
    Movies – all Hollywood movies are mind control propaganda, to program the public into believing a certain thing, like space is something you can travel (do your own research, its not possible, hence the space program hoaxes, all countries are complicit).
    Fake satellites – there are none, the use ground based triangulated radar and dishes point to masts and/or the ionosphere and reflected back down. The masts are interconnected using fibre optic cables buried under the ground and seabeds.
    Fake history – Evolution, Dinosaurs, all for a reason to get you thinking in a certain way.
    All the above is because of ancient bloodlines and freemasons/ secret societies. Look on youtube for a guy called russianvids, he lays it all out quite simply. There is more control than you could imagine, and the sooner we as people wake up and face this head on we can change things. We stop voting playing the lottery stop paying taxes that fund these criminals that are running the show.
    As far as winners of the jackpots some may be real and/or strategic, some may have chosen bloodlines or links with lower level freemasons or secret societies. I personally know someone who won a jackpot years ago, maybe it was less fraudulent in the beginning. Perhaps the winners have to sell their soul to the devil behind closed doors, maybe unknowingly…. There is certainly a preponderance of evidence, (if you research with a open mind using critical thinking and discernment), that the whole world is completely controlled to keep us dumbed down, ignorant and craving a chance to win the jackpot… that never happens…

    People also are taught to believe the earth is a spinning ball, the biggest lie ever… When you find out what it really is, this is the key to unlock all the deception, because you will now know that it takes all the worlds leaders to keep the truth from you… AND the extent and lengths they go to to prop up the deception. Now, this is where it gets depressing, they use OUR money to fund it… where do they get the money from? Things like scam lotteries…

    This must stop, sadly most are glued to the TV and immersed in entertainment… they give the public what they want to keep you distracted.
    The time is now to change things… turn off the TV and get researching and use your life decisions to make an impact in reversing this tyranny. What do you see when you watch the lottery/ sold out celebs that woo the public, place your trust in them because they smile and tell funny jokes? The joke is on you!

  13. Guilherme Braz | June 3, 2016 at 2:15 pm |

    yeah it’s weird it’s 2 times a week you almost never hear stories of people who win it and do good houses etc’s weird yes

  14. Lets just say that I am not expecting to win more than a small prize no matter what numbers I pick.

  15. The real give away is that why do they say pick from 1-59 and 1-20 or 1-10 or 1-100 , why not 1-1.4million? the max you will get is £59, $10, £100 based on 5,6,7 numbers which is 1,1,1 making the difference = 3 the 4 is the common number in all tickets. Base your numbers on 4 in a sequence identify the input numbers and you have a chance at a few quid. Flawless system base your ticket on the number 4 e.g. 28 – both have equal 4 2×2 and 8/2. 34, 6 – one 4 one two 1,1 the third 1 will 100% produce a 11, 22, 33, 44.

  16. fixed, The National Lottery is fixed because to play you need to pay, for them to play they dont need to pay. Its an organization who offers , what organisation do you know that offers and pays the customer at the same time lol The thank you for your business i.e. £££’s is what funds local councils no one pockets the money, occasionally, the retired couple who have major n.i. contributions, the nurses, doctors, lawyers will get an accumulated cheque in the post for which their daughters and sons have cashed in on the settled good life. The average person will win between £1-100 for which balance the books and avoids “the fraud” element. A £ is a £ at the end of the day, they just control the denominations. The best way to win millions from the national lottery is to rinse the NHS, rinse the government, rinse it all on a competitive rate which would increase debt and put a stop to the national lottery for good because then david cameron would have to use the treasury and borrow for which serves these people right for which then means in 20-30 years time service paid jobs would make everyone millionaires.

  17. Patrick Church | August 23, 2015 at 6:52 am |

    I know I’m late to this particular party, but my daughters have just become old enough to buy lottery tickets and I’m trying to dissuade them from giving their money straight to the Camelot back pocket. Originally, the NATIONAL LOTTERY, as it was called, was meant to be a great way for the general pop to have a little flutter, win £10 every few months and feel that even if they didn’t win, their £1 was going to a good cause – since then Camelot have taken on the usual Corporate greed, subsequent governments have used the public ‘donations’ to give money to their own chosen causes and the who thing has been stage managed to play on the desperation driven by austerity measures which only penalise the poor & less well off whilst protecting the rich & wealthy.
    The whole idea that this is an independent draw, adjudicated and governed by those with nothing to gain is an insult to every ‘normal’ person in the UK – this is the government taking money from the masses at will and never being held accountable. Camelot have NEVER been subjected to a usual HMRC/Tax review that every other company has to comply with. When Richard Branson bid to run the Lottery, with his model of transparency and fairness of prizes and donations, he was stonewalled by the usual govt officials who needed to protect their own corrupt and dishonest methods for looking good
    Sorry for ranting, but I know thousands of people; normal, everyday folks who are struggling to make their lives better and who dream of what could be done with just a few extra thousands let alone the mega millions jackpots suggested on offer. They religiously give their £2 a draw to enter into a predetermined and corrupt mafia-esque money scheme. It’s such a shame, because with a more open and HONEST lottery offering more lower value prizes (£10,000) I’m sure more people would happily play and specifically would KNOW someone real who has actually won.
    I played the very 1st lottery and have only ever won with 3 numbers, nothing more. I don’t know ANYONE who has won more than 4 numbers worth (and I have ran call centres with 3000 people so you’d expect over the years to have at least one bigger winner in the building) and I can not name a single person who I know, have contact with or (in the 6 degrees of separation) am aware of who has won the ‘raffle’ – surely, by the gaming law regulations a raffle draw can only contain all those tickets which have actually been purchased and yet there are never tales of the thousands of winning raffle tickets.
    Now, the Lotto are about to increase the number of balls to choose from – do they really think we are that stupid to believe that increasing the choices increases the likelihood of winning ??

  18. When I checked the prize breakdown what really attracted my attention was the number of jackpot winners buying tickets outside the UK:
    Fri 24th July France
    Fri 10th July Spain
    Fri 26th June Portugal
    Fri 19th June Spain
    Every second Friday You have allegedly have somebody who won but is unable to collect the prize because the ticket was bought abroad.
    And the number of Match 5 + 1 Star that have winners but the prize is zero is also in almost every draw.
    This lottery is a scam and they are not even try to hide it.

  19. I think it’s probably got racial undertones. When was the last time you heard a black or Asian guy winning it. When it is probably black or Asian blood been spilled to gather the monetary funds for it. Like wars. A cheaper money laundering scam in full frontal view funded by the BBC. Ethnic minorities are treated with so much contempt it makes you wonder what did they ever do to the indigenous population to be treated so poorly. Especially when it is just all a eugenics programme anyway and deep down we are all rooted the same. They are so uncivilised. Yet we call ourselves a civilization. Sad fed nothing to trust when the smoke screen clears you realise we are all failures. Humanity progressed to what exactly?

  20. the lottery is fixed how can they say Fridays Euro million is 72 million when Tuesdays was 52 and guess what there was no winners for Tuesdays jackpot surprise surprise

  21. JAZSAXMAN RicardoO | February 19, 2015 at 12:55 am |

    I used to think it was fixed but one of my friends just won £5 on the Thunderball. PMSL.

  22. the raffle is the biggest con of all i had a load of tickets over several months and worked out a way of seeing it was a con. if you go onto the lottery page were the raffle numbers are and press control f. Start entering the numbers. I NEVER got passed 3 numbers in a sequence which is kind of odd given how many tickets i had bought. I simply dont bother even checking the raffle now its the same system as the bingo in the tabloids. Just a number algorithm.

  23. Not true, the £166 million was won by one person that live in next town from me and worked with my mum

  24. Goes on weight … Each ball weighs slightly different … And the ball selector is actually a electronic scale.

    The computer knows each and every sequence of numbers that have been put on. So to cause a so called roll over it simply creates a sequence of numbers that are not already in its memory from the tickets that have been put on.

    I don’t think its a complete fix, because my best friend won a few million … But I di agree it is slightly fixed

    • just like it happened you to find this website and say that your friend won. Go and f yourself mate…

  25. The lottery of any kind is as you can see ,only health service or postcode, this is to gain 1, information and 2,pay extra to support the nhs, Richard Branson and other tenders get dismissed in any attempts to do the lottery because they are fair, every year at Xmas its a rollover,every so often a token winner is allowed to show everyone it can happen,

  26. I agree that so manythings in the world will not be trusted, you all have all said it right. To make money in life is to plan innovating idea or some businesses in life. But to fight and stop the scam that government benefit from is not possible. People stil have hope of winning at least £1m or £20,000 rafle. And if this help to generate funds for government I doubt the possibility to close down. People can always win the little money £2.50 to maybe some £thousand, beacuse I dont see them releasing millions to random public. But one thing I only beleive in life is God love towards man that He sent Jesus to die for my sins. This gives me hope more than playing a lottery and hoping for invisible milions of pounds.

    • Jonathan Pearson | October 16, 2016 at 1:25 am |

      God, Jesus the Lottery all in the same bucket for me mate. Gods were advanced civilisations from who know where and Jesus was a trickster/magician. All to keep people in line and fear their “god” Lottery is a poor man’s taxation full stop.

      • Mike Barnes | January 11, 2017 at 1:39 pm |

        You seem to have it all figured out – although I have no idea where you got your ‘facts’ from, particularly concerning Jesus Christ. Anyway, according to the Word of God you are sure to meet the so-called trickster/magician on the Day of Judgment and at that time you’ll have a perfect opportunity to settle your differences with Him.
        Good luck with that!!!

        • Jonathan Pearson | January 19, 2017 at 10:10 am |

          Dream on dude!

          • Jonathan Pearson | January 19, 2017 at 10:12 am |

            Sorry I meant dream on deluded dude!

          • I don’t care what you mean or meant by way of insult. But you will!!! Your arrogance and evident self righteousness will turn to hapless fear and trembling. You will be humbled. It’s just a matter of time!!!

        • Altino Cunha | June 18, 2017 at 10:24 am |

          No coments. ..mate just do some but good reserch about our history, the real one not the one they teach in school because is wrong and you’ll be very surprised…and by the way about jesus christ yes he did exist ..but not the way is in the Bible !.. because if you research the characters of the Egyptian civilization they do the same as the characters of the Bible and even the names are very similar’s one more of thousands of coincidences you find in our ancient history that makes some of us think that when we have to many coincidences something else is the true..just research if you are curious about everything and my advice don’t just accept what everybody tells you but use your comun sense and question things because magic doesn’t exist is a fact. . So if you read the Bible propelly with open mentality you will find even technology in it so up to you I’m not criticising beliefs everybody is free to belive in what they want …the only thing I criticise is that people just acept everything they are told without questioning…

  27. The lottery is fixed I went into my local co.op they had a poster stating mega jackpot for 31/010/2014 how can Camelot print a poster for game that is 4 games away this has happened before a few month ago I went into my local newsagent who had a poster up stating that there will be 80 million rollover for the Friday game but Tuesday game had not even played yet I asked her how can she have that poster up she was very confused so I decided to call Camelot a nice lady answered but when I put my questions to her it’s seemed that I caught her with her panties down and just started to stammer and could not give me a proper answer we all must understand that the lottery is based on our greed and the more rollover they have the greedier we become remember when the lottery first started Camelot said the odds of a rollover was 1 in 4 games now we know that’s bull….. Also Camelot no every sequence of numbers bought at least 30 minutes before the actual draw also why in all the year of the game there’s no multi winners of more then 4 winning the jackpot unless it’s a syndicate and last have you noticed the areas of the large jackpot winners most them are areas where there’s likely to be only one outlet selling the tickets

    • i agree with you 100% but how can it be proved by us meer mortals who have no concept of how possible fixing of money making schemes work, or could it be some kind of computer programme that we would never understand…..! derrrrr ! camerlot think we are all stupid kwh

  28. “The numbers are loaded into machine down below so it looks like the are being picked at random”.

    Suppose it’s true. Then the question is: how make that predefined balls go out from the drum? Imagine you want that the first ball to drop out be number 10. How do you achieve this technically?

  29. Mass. Lotery is full of lies! They fixed the scratch tickets in this stae for sure I wish everyone who plays scratch tickets would stop until they went back to the way they were a few years ago! If we could all stop for 1 month they might see how greedy theyve become and stop the fraud!

  30. jason betts | June 29, 2014 at 3:10 pm |

    Its half hour before draw which gives computer time to generate six numbers. The numbers are loaded into machine down below so it looks like the are being picked at random

  31. A lot of the lottery money goes to good causes which in theory should be funded by the government. This saves millions or even billions of tax payers money. The government gives out the license to the organisatin that runs the lottery so they have a vested interest in the jack pot being held back. Am I suggesting the government is in on the scam. Maybe, maybe not but it makes you wonder.


  32. The longer a lottery organiser keeps the money the more interest they will make. Why give the money away until the dead line

  33. I have been sceptical of late about the UK National Lottery lately. I have not known any body winning any money for a long while. When it first started out I and many other won regular small amounts but this seems to have dried up. I have thought it might be fixed but it does appears to be random and legitamate. Yesterday confirmed for me it must be fixed. I saw a notice in a shop saying the Jack Pot for the following week would be £80,000,000. They can only say that if the jack pot has not been won on two consecative draws and they know it will not be won. Many other lotties function around the world and there is a lot of scope to look for ways to fix these lotteries and the rewards out weigh the costs. If a magician like Dynamo can create optical illussions directly in front of you then why not lottery organisers?

  34. Of course its a scam. It’s a particular nasty one at that, because its mainly poor people who buy the tickets, poor people who are dreaming of escaping poverty. I won’t say people who are stupid enough to hand over their money to this villianous cruel scam, because I can understand the desperation of people who buy the tickets.

  35. Gerry Betts. | March 3, 2014 at 6:15 pm |

    I could not agree more.the country is run by a mob of bent greedy,dishonest, unscrupulous morons, who set up this SCAM, so it follows, there is plenty in it for them SCUMBAGS.

  36. My uncle is is 65 years old , retired and plays for fun, he does horses, football, dogs and lotto. He keeps tabs on everything and pointed out to me the other day that the EuroMillions has been rolled over with no winners yet the jackpot was over £100 million the previous day and is now say £85 million in the paper – where has the £15 million gone? I’ve been paying closer attention to these Jackpot amounts and when you look at it, it does not add up, no winners yet the Jackpot’s are being siphoned off!

    I for one don’t buy it!

  37. In South Korea, even though the winning chance is 1/8,140,000, 10 to 20 people have continuously won Korean Powerball Lottery every week.

    In addition, in the 195th Lottery drawing, the winning number had been published in an internet news website at 20:08, before Powerball Drawing Live TV show was aired at 20:40.

    Doubts and questions were increase among the people; this news article was deleted immediately.

    At National Assembly hearing, parliamentary members tacitly acknowledged that the press, bank and government manipulate the lottery result

    Now, most Koreans believe that Powerball Lottery is a scam done by government for raise fund for national welfare pension and North Korean aid.

  38. LOTTO .two pounds a ticket and deffo a pools one pound twenty five pence a go much better option and it cant be fixed

  39. I think lottery is a TAX on stupidity!!

    • So are the donations for cancer research, the money are used for cloned chicken so we don’t starve. But then again cancer appeared after that so there you have it. Cancer got the same DNA as the host and it cannot be destroyed by your immune system. The chicken cells are genetically programed to multiply so fast so it would be just a matter of time until that will be part of your metabolism and you’ll be diagnosed with cancer. DO NOT ALTHERE THE NATURE, always wins.

  40. Contacted camelot said it was a fix etc etc got a load of rubish back saying independant judicators televised etc where money is concerned every one has a price, just get a set of ping pong balls some one out of the audience or in the street to pick them out but not a plant simple, they have all the fancy crap balls flying around make it look tecknical to fool everyone keep your money in your pockets and go for a meal now and then

  41. look who owns it now, the canadian teachers pension plan they are certainly in it ti win it!

  42. Ish.. Another thing is you remember how they caught the the shopkeeper that tried to steal someone’s ticket.. Why didn’t that work?? Because she used her club card and they have CCTV footage of her buying the ticket.. They caught him easily because they know the person the have chosen.. If anybody

    • just one of their tricks….still, they talk about raffle, scratch cards, good causes, winners….you name it !!At least they are honest when they talk about winners, but they never tell you who is the winner and who is the fool….let’s put it this way : we have no faith in camelot and we want an alternative. Do you think that anybody would listen? Certainly not to the fool

  43. What are y’all opinions on the new Lotto Raffle?

    • Tony Smith | August 5, 2015 at 9:22 am |

      That one is fixed too. Do you know of anyone winning £20,000. I don’t any neither of any those playing the lottery.

  44. If you do the lottery for 40 years and buy 4 tickets in every draw, Tuesday Euro Wednesday UK, Friday Euro Saturday UK. At the end of 40 years you will have played circa 40,000 times. Your chances of winning will have been mathematically, abysmally small, not only so, they’ve recently reduced your chances of winning by increasing the cost of the UK scam by doubling it. They’ve increased their profit and control and reduced your actual chances. They should be arrested charged, tried and imprisoned with the key chucked into a into a criminal lottery machine. They’d never come out of jail. But this is a global evil, they’re all at it and it will not stop!

    • At £2 at ticket that would be £80,000.

      If you tell someone that your numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6. They would say that sequence would never come up. Well if it was not fixed and all being equal then this sequence of numbers has as much chance of any other sequence coming up. That is how the odds against winning are astronomical.

      The Maths

      6 numbers are drawn at random from the set of integers between 1 and 49, which means there are 49!/(6!*(49-6)!) combinations of numbers (the draw order doesn’t matter). The means that the jackpot chance is 1 in 13,983,816 or approximately 1 in 14 million.

      And that is if it was fair to all.

  45. Of course it’s a nasty fraud and a government theft once again from the people by the executive, as usual. Camelot’s machinery should be pulled apart, weighed and measured. The electronic subterfuge takes place immediately a ticket is bought.
    You think, I’ve got my ticket, I could be the one. Sorry, chum, you,ll never be! The big boy’s have said, ‘sucker,it’s me’! You and me are dumb! Ask yourself, how does their technology actually work? Half hour after the last ticket has been bought, the balls are released and a number is drawn, whose is it? Oh dear! NO! The deceit is all perpetrated in front of the cameras too. It all looks so open and fair. It’s a bit like the crap cheating false money printing banks who print Micky Mouse money and charge interest on it and if you don’t cough up they take your home away. They and the government are Scum.

  46. When you buy a ticket all the numbers are logged into the machine. They know exactly what numbers are on the tickets. It is easy for them to pick a sequence of numbers that don’t win or to say the winner has opted for privacy. There are a hundred million pound raffle numbers every now and again. Yet there are still eleven unclaimed. Yes eleven. The lottery must take everyone for fools and for those who buy tickets that is what you are, fools… It is the biggest scam going and it is done right in front of our eyes.

    • No watchdog, no one to answer to, no accounting, no controls, who is getting rich off the lottery profits? It’s not you or me!!! The good old boy state run piggy bank in action! Every state lottery in this country is all about Fraud with every ticket they sell. The Mob is a poster child compared to these State Lotteries!!!!!

  47. The lottery scratch cards are a fix thay am robbing people’s money and the national lottery is a fix to

  48. jim geofrys | July 2, 2013 at 5:18 pm |

    think those lottery balls should be made clear so we can see inside them electro magnet selection circuit setup ???

    or balls need to be allowed to be inpected by anyone close up for those tiny valves for helium injection method

  49. the truth | May 19, 2013 at 12:28 pm |

    The offence called obtaining money by deception was abolished in 2007 so if they are scamming people then they are not doing anything illegal. now that sucks

    • In Ct. where I live, this lottery is so fixed it’s a joke. All state run by state employees with no one watching anything to do. They answer to no one and have no rules to follow – greed and fraud built into every ticket they sell every day. I have been playing this lottery from 2/15/1972 every week and never won shit.

  50. Of course its fixed, my local newsagent receives all their roll over posters the day before the initial draw has been made, so unless they still
    have mystic meg tucked away in a cupboard at lotto HQ how can they tell its gonna be a roll over before the draw has even been made.

  51. I never play the lottery, it’s ran by the rich to get richer.

    • Spot on it falls foul of the trades discription act

  52. whole things boils down to change the draw method to stop the speculation. Public should ban the lottery until goverment reforms the system. Draw should be in a public place (not in lottery head quarter) where anyone can see outside a glass wall. the machine ball should kept
    untocuhed for months. No compter draw machine allowed there Then there won’t be any comment from public

  53. Amanda Smallman | March 30, 2013 at 1:16 am |

    I remember when the lottery first started there were frequent winners of big money now it seems to roll over for weeks at a time i think the balls should be picked out by hand as they know by the time everybody has bought a ticket they can make the win happen we should all boycott it for a week.

  54. Its definately fixed! if you look at the last few weeks of numbers you will see that numbers are in series. i.e 35,36,37 or 23,24,25! I have noticed a that all draws are have at least two numbers next to each other. The proberabilty of this occuring for the last six months shows its fixed! the balls obvisouly contain weights!
    There should be a public inquiry and someone from the public should monitor the draws behind the scenes. Ball weight, diameter, roller speed and air mass within the ball.

    Something needs to be done, its a internation scam!

    Time to do something!?

  55. Hav u noticed its only more than one winner when people got luckydips you don’t get your own choosing numbers two share jackpots it’s al fixed and there’s no Asian jackpot winners probably only time Asian wins when 5 or 6winners of jackpot he probably less and there’s no winners black or Asian areas winners because its all setup

    • Seriously u can say its fix freedom of speech n all but they dont know colour of ticket buyers too!

    • Kirsty Hall | July 25, 2016 at 3:23 pm |

      OMG!! Talk about pulling the race card, why divide people like this?

  56. Billy Maquire | February 18, 2013 at 7:54 am |

    Of course its rigged, it’s run on behalf of one of the most fraudulent and corrupt entities in the world, the British Govt!

    • You hit the nail right on the head, and in so doing make my day, Hallelujah!! You could never have said, a truer statement!.

  57. Yes lotto balls are chiped and there’s no foreigner winners it’s camelot own chosen area s winners from

  58. Yes lotto is fixed if look at there’s more winners on lucky dips that’s these lucky dip Ar own choosing areas plus few weeks ago eight people won jackpot that’s cant b without luckydips that’s all setup by computer and these unclaimed tickets Ar own camlots agents lotto balls Ar chiped so it all computer rise so they can choose which ones to draw

  59. janet brown | February 4, 2013 at 9:45 am |

    load of bollocks your all bitter because you havent won big yet you still buy a ticket though just in case utter bollocks found guilty of fraud thay would all get prison stop thinking of ridiculous ways its fixed and just wait your turn to win get a life

    • Ha ha!!! You’re all mental. The lottery is fixed, I was told yesterday & I know how they do it. All I need now is proof & I’m gonna bust this crap wide open. I’m a logically person who can use probability to assess which numbers are likely to come out. After two years of plotting the numbers I discovered that, if I didn’t play one week, those numbers I’d selected would appear. That’s ridiculous, but I just thought it was bad timing, but how stupid of me. I suspected something, but luckily I was told the truth yesterday. It’s a shame because you do think you can win your way to a nice life, especially if you’ve been working hard like I have. It’s all unfair & rigged. Football, the banks, the police, the government, horse racing, food, prescription drugs, athletes, formula 1, the war on bullshit, WMD’s, IT’S ALL A LIE. The only real thing, that once sounded far fetched to modern man is Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit & Our Father God.


  60. Ivanna knowdatruth | January 2, 2013 at 2:11 am |

    I think that once the draw has taken place, a ticket is printed, a database record is entered and you have a winner. Notice that some winners opt to remain private, yes? They receive a duplicate prize, usually a 5 plus bonus but occasionally the share of a large jackpot. Its perfect, nobody can prove a thing either. That’s how they do it

  61. well all that is said on here is absolutely true anyway to make a quick buck ey? you will never find someone from dagenham or romford or even northwest london were there is apparently alot of…lets say disadvantaged people it will never happen and if you get sucked in you are investing alot of money into crap think about …some people play everyweek for years and end up with pratically nothing just an earner here or there but still have that urge that one day they will win…. sounds athetic but could happen to anyone

  62. here’s how i believe a standard lotto is in fact fixed: whenever someone buys a ticket, the number or numbers they pick are entered into a computer automatically. after the last ticket is sold, the “lottery people” have a computer pick a number that nobody picked. then they set up the machine with lighter and heavier balls so the machine sucks up the lighter ones which will be the numbers that nobody picked. they only hand out scraps; a couple hundred bucks or less to the people who pick 4 or 5 out of six numbers. you will NEVER win the jackpot. and when a jackpot winner does come along; it’s fixed. that person is a paid shill for the lottery. it’s their job to pose as a common working class person who is now rich

    • That’s exactly what I think. It’s the biggest fraud in the world.

      The way they see it though is that they are selling ‘hope’. Each time a person buys a ticket, it gives them ‘hope’ that they might win. It gives them something to look forward to and dream.

      Or maybe we are just being cynical…

    • even if it is fixed once all of the combinations from 1/49 are picked they have to award the prize money to somebody, they cant rig the lottery if more than 14million people play and pick every combination

      • Millions of combinations aren’t picked in every draw.

        They could just pick one of those that wasn’t picked and make themselves win.

      • Tony Smith | August 5, 2015 at 9:32 am |

        You need your head read. Absolute rubbish, it only takes a few minutes to know what combination has been selected. With the lottery taking half an hour after closing to announced the winning number that is more than enough time for them to rig it. It has always been rigged.

    • Yep, you’re all right. The rollover makes people buy more tickets. It’s crazy to think that we look at a prize of $4 million & thinks, naah not interested, then the next week there’s a rollover of $200,000 million, & we think, Ummm! I could probably do with that, & we buy a ticket in hope. The bastards have had too many rollovers, they’ve blown their own covers. Pricks!! I know how they weight the balls now, I just need the last piece of the jigsaw & I’ll expose it all. Funny thing is, will anything change….?

  63. listen your goverment does not want competition in crime , so the will say it is legal.however crime pays just do not get caught.have a nice day,lottery fools

  64. Good point. I hadn’t thgouht about it quite that way. 🙂

  65. I think at the beginning it wasn’t fixed but now it is as every other week seems to be a rollever. You are right no one would give that much money away. they would keep the profits and the prize for themselves.

    • Tony Smith | August 5, 2015 at 9:35 am |

      To the contrary it is in serious financial difficulties as less and less people plays it, for the very reason you have given.

  66. oh my god when i read his it all makes sense. think about it every week is a rollover recently cuz they know more people buy tickets that way

  67. dya reckon thats true? I dont trust it anymore

  68. makes sense

  69. I think you are right because they keep rolling it over now because they make more money that way.

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